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things arent the same anymore.
some nights it gets so bad.
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5th-Jul-2007 02:54 pm - Honda Civic Tour.

Okay, yes, I know, I'm totally late with this bullshit, but what gives?
Okay first of all, I take back the bullshit comment, that's a lie, cause fall out boy is no where near bullshit.
But first off, let me begin by saying Honda Civic Tour was the most amazing thing in the world! 
It was too short, and not because time flies when you're enjoying it, but really, it did.
I mean, right when they finished one song, they'd move on to the other, or pete would say one of his cute little quotes.
It felt like they were up there for just five minutes.
Everything felt amazing, everything was amazing, and i got a wave out of joe trohman, yes, A WAVE!
So, to begin my concert review:

It took us exactly 2 hours to get from my house to the show. we first got lost because my mother ,ahem, decided to go straight down the road when the paper giving us the instructions SPECIFICALLY said to take a right turn at some street there. but nooo, she thought SHE was right, and she decided to just go straight down the road.
come on, the friggin paper knows more than you, its giving you the goddamn directions!
-_- anyway
we finally arrived at around 4:40 ish? the gates opened at 5 and the show started at 6. so, meanwhile, we stood in line and chilled and looked around to see if we saw anyone, and boy, DID WE!
first off, we were standin' in line, and this white van drives by us, and I decided to look inside to see what band it would be, AND I SEE THE JEWFRO. i see the fucking jewfro. so I'm spazzing to myself, the scene chick in back of me with the mint green 2.0 patrick polo from clandestine is staring at me like i'm on fucking drugs [that polo + her = grotesque.] and brittany thinks I need an ambulance. 
So brittany's all like "lyn! what's wrong?! -hands me water bottle" and I'm like "that white van just had joe in it" and she's spazzing but then she's all like, "no, lyn it can't be, he'd be in a rolls royce or something" and im all like "NO HE WOULDN'T, MAYB3 P33TZ BUT N0T HiMZ" so we stopped "arguing" and started talking about john mayer and if we were gonna flash gabe saporta when we meet him. So mah friend krissy and Kimmy come along and we meet up with them and their lil friendz who we didnt even talk to pahaha, but anyway, i let them cut in line with me, and we sorta talked but i mean, it was awkward since thats the first time ive ever met `em. but anyway, the gates finally opened at 6, and everyone RAN inside, it was crazy. like I mean, I yelled and stuff, but god. 
oh might i mention almost everyone had the same fall out boy shirt? and it was that shirt from hot topic. the grey one with the bullets. Which i do have, but come onnn. I was the ONLY girl wearing my fall out boy is for lovers shirt. which made me feel awesome, might i add.
So then, we went inside, i bought a hemingway shirt and a cobra shirt, and i was all excited thinking they had the batmond necklace, and those fuckers didnt, but it didnt matter.
so , i walk to the island def jam tent and i sign up for that fob contest, and they had this fob thing where you put your head in a whole and like there's the body of someone on a piece of cardboard, so i got to pete wentz's and im like "Brittany! im taking a picture with pete's!" and she's like "but lyn, take one in patrick's hole,itd make more sense since you love him." and i was like aight, wait, youll see what i mean. so i get in pete's whole thing and i put my hand on his dick, like if he were jacking off and i started yelling shit like "OH PETE, I LOVE YOUR FOUR FOOT WANG" and all these girls were like "OMGZ WTF DUNT DO DAT 2 MY BFRIND EVN IF HEZ CARDBRD HE HAS FEELINGZ 2" so i took a picture and this one skater guy complimented my dunks and gave me a high five saying the whole pete dick thing i did was awesome [mind you, he was GORGEOUS]
so then! we walked more to the back, and they had the HCT car, which is sooo nice. i really want it.
i took a picture with it, but i came out look like a whale and deleted it.
then this STUPID WANNABE PARAMORE BAND starts performing, and i mean, it was soooo obv they were trying to be like paramore. the bassist was blonde and had that stupid sweatband on his head. um, jeremy much?!
yeah, so i start yelling "WHAT THE FUCK, STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE PARAMORE!" and this one girl is like "STOP ACTING LIKE HAYLEY, YOU GUYS SUCK!" and yeah, bad rep for that band. i think they were called blake or flake or something.
anywho, moving on.
so, we go inside and start looking for our seats, and when we do, me and brittany are shitting bricks cause we really didnt know how far or close we'd be. when we finally find our seats, i took a deep deep shit, i find out im on the 7th fucking ROW. so me and brittany started squealing like retards and we finally decided on sitting down and waiting for cobra to come on. so we started rambling and whatnot, and we see maria, one of heychris' real good friends, whom i met at the reading, and she's with her friend and they're staring at me like i have a booger on my face or something.
so im like "brittany, look, its maria from the reading" and we keep staring and im like you know what? fuck it.
so i stand up and im like "hey, werent you at the heychris' reading?" and she's like, "THATS EXACTLY what i was saying! i kept telling my friend that i knew you from the reading!"
so it turns out they were in the row right in front of us, and their seat was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.
fuckin weird!
so we're there waiting and DIRTY comes out of nowhere, and i was all like "I LOVE MY LIFEE!" and i kept whooping and yelling. he introduces cobra starship and i fucking SQUEALED like a mouse when gabe came out.
NO ONE FUCKING KNEW WHO COBRA STARSHIP WAS. except for like, 4 of these girls that were kinda near us.
so gabe starts singing and like, out of the whole stadium, only 15 people were standing out of their seats, excluding the people at the pit, obv. so i throw my fangs up and gabe is like singing directly at me, AND I WAS FUCKING SQUEALING YET AGAIN. 
so those stupid girls noticed and started throwing their fangs up but hahaha, gabe didnt look at them, stupid bitches.
cobra kept performing, we kept jamming, and then they said they were gonna have a meet and greet right after they performed. so rightg when they were done me and brittany were running around outside looking and looking for gabe, and we didnt find him. so we decided to go sit back down, and when he we did, brittany, like always, lost her ticket. so i had to go inside, and i found brittany's ticket ON THE FLOOR. wow, so much for resonsibility! so we go back in and decided we're not leaving our seat anymore, except brittany did to go buy a chicken sandwich, which looked disgusting, but thats just me.
so the other bands perform, blah blah blah, and then, FALL OUT BOY COMES OUT :]]]]]
I YELLED AND YELLED AND YELLED, my voice was gone the next morning, and i was going on a cruise that day, haha.

so whatevs, after the show, i went back to the merch thing, and bought another fall out boy shirt , and when we're walking, BLAKE, FLAKE, WHATEVER THE FUCK, is STILL PERFORMING.
yes, we wanted to die. 
so, while we're waiting for my mom, we jacked a caution sign, saw vicky t, and chilled on this wall thing.
so while me and brittany are talking about wether we should go to cameo to see pete's dj set, or not, (lol, oh how i wish.) the busses started pulling out. we saw cobra's, plus 44's , and we saw dirty in the back of a camry, and he waved at us and smiled. 
so then, omg, we see this huge tour bus, all nice and clean [obviously fall out boy's bus.] and we're just looking and talking and stuff, and we see this head full of curly hair by the window, waving at us , and when i look closely, its joe trohman.

talk about what a night.

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